The Client operates a number of call centres, which historically have only provided a simple vending service to staff.

The Brief:
Wishing to enhance the employee welfare benefit delivered by the catering subsidy, the Client appointed MTC to manage the turnkey design/build and tender project. The result of which could be the provision of a catering operation, delivering freshly prepared hot and cold food.

The Result/Benefits:

  • A bespoke bistro concept was introduced at four locations, with a design that maximised the food offer within the minimum available space.
  • The Client workforce now have a full hot and cold catering service throughout their working day.
  • Installation costs kept to an absolute minimum, but focused on quality equipment. Operating subsidies are only slightly higher than those paid for the previous vending only service.
  • The creation of a bespoke model that can be repeated in future Client sites.

9 office locations supplied by a major international caterer. The contractor is also a major customer of the Client.

The Brief:
Before entering into a long term contract requiring the incumbent caterer to commit to a significant investment, the Client appointed MTC to undertake a major benchmarking project to ensure best value was being delivered by the caterer.

The Result/Benefits:

  • A reduction of operating subsidy through improved efficiency, amounting to 25% of core costs.
  • The definition of Key Performance Indicators designed to monitor quality and financial performance.
  • Single point management of national contract (by both parties), whilst preserving local management autonomy.
  • Long term contractual relationships.
  • Reduced operating costs allowed the Client to consider a joint investment programme.

13 Distribution centres and Head Quarters.

The Brief:
The group has a variety of contractors throughout the business and wished to consolidate to a single source contract. MTC were appointed to manage a group wide competitive tender.

The Result/Benefits:

  • A single contractor was appointed, managing the contract with a dedicated operations team.
  • Group wide continuity of service standards, operating policies and procedures.
  • A significant reduction in operating subsidies.
  • Single point management of national contract (by both parties), whilst preserving local Management Autonomy.

PAST Clients
Our past Client base includes both household names and individual Client companies with no more than 150/200 employees.  A complete list would fill the website! But we would be delighted to provide appropriate points of reference from past Clients of a similar size to your business.

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