Aimed at Clients who would prefer to undertake their own tender exercise, our DIY tender programme has been designed to deliver the following benefits.

  • Time Efficient – Typically only 6 to 8 hours of senior staff time is required.
  • Cost Effective – The complete package provided on CD Rom starts at only £499.00.
  • Professional Standards – Our DIY package is identical to that used by our consultancy team.
  • Simple to understand and use – The package comes with full explanatory notes and is jargon free.
  • Sector Specific – Versions are available for Clients in both the Education and Business and Industry sectors.
  • On going Support – Included in the cost of the package is 3 months free on line support.
  • Stand Alone – our DIY package has everything you need to mount a successful tender, but should you want additional support the option exists to take as much or as little as you require.

As well as the blank tender document, each tender package contains, stage by stage explanatory notes, the tools to allow for a fair analysis of tender bids, sample letters to use at all stages and a list of pre qualified caterers you may wish to include in the process.

In a nut shell, we have produced a simple to use and cost effective alternative to the employment of a catering consultant. This won’t be right for all our Clients, but for those who prefer a more independent approach, it offers a real alternative.

Ordering is simple, either send your cheque made payable to our publisher ‘Grayleas Ltd’ or write requesting a pro forma invoice, or send your firm's written order to our offices at 201 Barrowby Road, Grantham, NG31 8NW.


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