As leading professional, independent consultants in our field, we believe it is vitally important that our Clients have a clear understanding of our standards and ethics. As no industry-wide code of practice exists, the following is exclusive to Moss Trejo Consultancy.

  • We work exclusively for the good of our Clients.
  • We always offer Clients the option of either fixed, or a nil risk result related fee.
  • We are totally independent of any Contract Caterer.
  • Our only source of income are the fees paid by our Clients.
  • We will never discourage direct contact between Client and caterer.
  • All our consultancy team have professional qualifications.
  • We work to a consistent consultancy wide standard.

Our professional expertise lies in four specialist areas:

  • Staff/Employment feeding.
  • Catering in Education.
  • Vending Services.
  • Design and Planning.

Within this remit, we help our Clients with a variety of consultancy services.

Value for money reviews
For those Clients who do not wish to offer their catering services for tender, but want an impartial third party view of the value for money they receive. This service offers a very time efficient means of benchmarking both qualitative and financial performance.

On many occasions we have sat with prospective Clients who ask the question "Do you think I am receiving Value for Money"

Without undertaking a detailed review, it is impossible to give a definitive answer. However, there are general indicators that can be benchmarked against our extensive database. This will give a very broad indication of whether or not value is being delivered by your caterer.

If you would like us to complete a free of charge VFM analysis of your catering operation just tick the VFM indicator box in the get in touch page.

Competitive tendering
It is recognised good business practice to market test on a regular basis. Our experience over the years has demonstrated that market testing via a competitive tender always generates the best value for money. MTC manage the entire tender process on your behalf, producing all written documentation, organising and managing all meetings and presentations and acting as a central point of communication.

For those who are comfortable with managing the tender process, but may need the specialist documentation provided, please refer to our DIY tender document.

Contractor Negotiation and Renegotiation
Be it the renegotiation of an annual subsidy or the negotiation of contractor investment in your catering facility, our in depth knowledge of current trends within the industry ensures that a fair equitable result is achieved for all parties.

Design and Planning
From multi kitchen facilities in a five star hotel to the design of a simple Deli Bar in a staff restaurant, we have the expertise and cutting edge technology to produce innovative, yet operational and practical designs. We specialise in turnkey projects, turning an empty space into a vibrant and viable catering facility.

All work undertaken by Moss Trejo Consultancy is Client driven, hence each design project is different, offering a bespoke solution. 

All projects start by gaining a thorough understanding of the Clients goals, time scales, budget and customer base. We produce concept drawing for discussion with the Client and other specialists such as architects. Once a definitive scheme is agreed, final drawings are produced, together with picture and sample boards, elevations and all the important Technical Services drawing.

Detailed equipment specifications are produced and the supply and installation (including building works if required) are offered to appropriately qualified suppliers by a competitive tender, thus ensuring best value for money is delivered.

Close communications are maintained with all parties, critical in ensuring the project progresses smoothly to a successful completion following the installation, our team then ensures all equipment is properly commissioned and a full training programme is in place for the caterer’s staff.

Finally, it is worth stressing the importance of choosing a design partner, not only able to deliver a full service but also navigate Clients through the complicated demands of current and future legislation.

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